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Strong Winds Topple Thames Sculpture

13 September 2021

High winds and rough weather have toppled the famed Michael Smithers' sculpture, Colour Harmonics.

Located within the Burke Street Reserve, this colourful installation has brightened the Thames coastal walkway for over ten years.  The Council are currently organising for the sculpure is be relocated to a secure location to be checked for damage when winds die down. 

fallen sculptureCommunity Facilities Manager Derek Thompson says that although it is a shame to see this installation negatively effected by weather, "it is also a really good opportunity to carry out any long term maintenance on this piece of work as it has been exposed to the elements for almost 10 years." 

It is unsure when the piece will be reinstalled as some items may take longer to procure than normal due to the backlog of supply issues caused by COVID-19.

Tape is now being placed around the existing structure to prevent  additional damage. Our Council asks that the community kindly avoid this space to protect the artwork.